Coke Studio 3 – Episode 4 ‘Form’ (Pictures / Wallpapers)

Coke Studio 2010 Episode 04, ‘Form’, airs 18 July 2010!

Debuting on 06 June 2010, Coke Studio’s philosophy for the season aims to explore the process of creation and so far the audiences have witnessed the three steps in its execution: ‘Will’, ‘Reason’ and ‘Conception’. With Episode 04, the season hurtles towards its final stages of attainment and achievement as the process takes an existence.

‘Form’, the fourth session, will featur

Noori announces the release of 3rd album ‘Rahi Yahan Kay’ in September 2010

Noori‘s long awaited 3rd album ‘Rahi Yahan Kay‘ is slated for release in September 2010. It was previously named as ‘Begum Gul Baqoli Sarfarosh‘ but the band has now changed it to ‘Rahi Yahan Kay’ The band will be regularly updating the fans on the progress of the album. keep visiting for more info.

After a hiatus of five years, Noori will finally release its third studio album this fall as the album is in its final stages of production. The band is super excited and will be sharing the last leg of the journey along with their fans as well as continue to upload video blogs and other behind-the-scene goodies on the website. Stay tuned for more and keep visiting the website as the countdown begins now!

Meanwhile, as promised in the last video blog where the band spoke about the collaboration with Zeb and Haniya, the audio of the collaboration is finally released online to be shared with the fans and celebrate this beginning!

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Noori vlog 4 – Tann Dolay

June 30, 2010

After the airing of the second session of Coke Studio which featured Noori’s Tann Dolay, collaboration with Zeb and Haniya, the band received a lot of critical comments. Upon reading and going through most of them, the band felt they should also share their opinion on the recording as well as reveal the surprise, the alternate version of Tann Dolay, recorded in studio recently. A sneak peak into the studio recording of Tann Dolay where Mr. Shiraz Uppal is the Man.

This CS3 version is the first attempt at a collaboration between Noori and Zeb & Haniya.

Without further ado, check out the video blog for more!

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Diminutive ‘Au Fait’ and Meek Exquisiteness with Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 2 ‘Will’


Sadaf Fayyaz

Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 2 'Will'

The second episode of Coke Studio 3 aired on June 20th. The episode featured five tracks out of which only two proved to be extremely amazing. Coke Studio is famous for maintaining its style of fusion and diversity in music, this time flavored a bit experimental and mind-numbing. It was nice to see EP performing together but they could not maintain the real essence of the beautiful song “Bolo Bolo” by Sajjad Ali.  A very famous song from hit album “Babia” of Sajjad Ali, which was released in early 90’s, had “Bolo Bolo” as the second most favorite song, after “Babia”. The vocalist Fawad did little justice with this legendary and gorgeous song of Sajjad Ali. The bona fide quintessence of the song wasn’t felt at all. Upon asking Ahmed Ali Butt about the Coke Studio sessions, he shared,

Coke Studio S03E02 ‘Will’ Gets Disappointing Tweets

June 20, 2010

Coke Studio has been the most awaited show of Pakistan with largest fan-base. As soon as the episode starts, music fanatics go crazy expressing their opinions on the episode on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 2 “Will” of Season 3 however has been a disappointment for most of the listeners online. Listeners have generally left bad comments, at least on twitter.

Below are few of the snapshots of tweets with Hashtag Cokestudio

Lyrics of Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 2 ‘Will’

June 20, 2010

Aisha – Amanat Ali [ Download Audio | Video ]

Kaisay karoon tum say bayaan
Tu naa jaanay meri khamoshian
Tu hi tu hai, dekhon jahaan
Meri raahon ka tu aasman

Teri, batein hain dua
Teri, ankhain hain jaisay haya
Aisi hai teri adaa
Jaisay lamha ho jaado bharra

Tu hee tau hai meray dil ki sadaa
Meri darkhan ka tu hi patta
Meray jeenay ki tu hi wajaa
Meri raaton ki tu hee subaah

Aisha, Aisha… kuch tau bata
Aisha, Aisha… duur na jaa
Aisha, Aisha… mein hoon tera
Aisha, Aisha… keh do naa

Meray khwaboon mein tu hi sadaa
Jaisay raaton mein koi deeya
Mujh say aisay naa ankhain churaa
Meri baichainiyaan yoon naa barrha