Ahsan Papu Has Been Recently Diagnosed With Psoriatic Arthritis

July 30, 2013
Ahsan Papu Diagnosed With Psoriatic Arthritis

Ahsan Papu Diagnosed With Psoriatic ArthritisSad news for Pakistani music industry as Muhammad Ahsan Papu, the flute player from the critically acclaimed ‘Mekaal Hasan Band‘ has been recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. This disease has made it difficult for the flute master to play his instrument of life. But showing resilience to this deadly disease, Mr. Papu has been recovering speedily that is a really good sign from himself as well as for his wide fan base.

Mekaal Hasan Band is one of those very few bands in our industry who have kept themselves unique and closer to their identity in all these years. Due to which they have some very passionate following not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. And one would not hesitate to say that Mr. Papu has made huge contribution to MHB’s name and its success by adding his own skills of music that he has been practicing for past good 40 years.

Zeb and Haniya rock Madison World Music Festival – 14 September (Pictures)

Zeb and Haniya performed live at the Madison World Music Festival on Friday September 14th at the Memorial Union Terrace on the UW-Madison campus in Wisconsin as part of their ongoing US tour.

In the words of the band: “Here are some pics from our show last night at the historic Memorial Union Terrace in Madison, WI. This is hands down the most beautiful venue we have ever played at. The gorgeous lake with the sun setting over it in the backdrop and an audience that really made it special by dancing all the way through the concert, even to very very slow tunes like ‘Kahaan.’ No wonder we were all giddy at the end of the show. Thank you Madison! Loving every minute of being here and looking forward to the St. Willy Fair in a few hours.”

Zeb and Haniya panel at Georgetown University (Pictures)

Zeb and Haniya on Music, Politics, and Women in Pakistan” was hosted by Cynthia Schneider at Georgetown University, with Professors Christine Fair and Paula Newberg. The musical duo fielded questions on music piracy in Pakistan, their experiences attending college in the U.S., their musical collaborations, being women public figures in Pakistan, and more. Check out the event photos below, courtesy of Center Stage.