Farhad Humayun & Omran Shafique’s current music playlists

February 24, 2009

Farhad Humayun & Omran Shafique’s current music playlists
Celebrity playlist this week

It’s amazing that our celebrities have such a diverse taste in music. From chartbusters to fresh music, their playlist depict their moods. Instep takes you on a trip into their world of music…

Farhad Humayun Musician (Overload)

“These days I am listening to a lot of Western rock music because of the overdose of Indian and Bollywood tracks all around. And amongst that, I am hooked onto White Snake and Muse. And, if you want me to name a few songs then I would like to say ‘Good to be Bad’ from White Snake and ‘Map of the Problematic’ by Muse are amazing tracks.”

Aisha Ali: Youngest RJ of America

February 21, 2009

Youngest RJ of America is a desi, Aisha Ali as claimed by her father Yasin Ali. She delivers the top American/Desi Bollywood Music and tries to bring the commuity together with live requests. Her on air timings are 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm CST on friday nights, which would be 7 am to 10 am PST on saturday mornings. You can hear her live at Funasia.

There’s something about Atif and Emraan

February 21, 2009


There’s something about Atif and Emraan

Maheen Sabeeh

There’s something about Atif Aslam and Emraan Hashmi that unites them in comparison. They are both superstars in their own right and have a unique success story, but when it comes to the X-factor they have more in common than you’d think. Instep Today takes a look…

Khiza Signed Omer Nadeem For His Own Label

February 21, 2009

Source: PMRStudios

By Sohaib Shah

The name Omer Nadeem may not ring too many bells among the larger audience, but the fact of the matter is that this guy has been around long enough to work with some of the major music acts of Pakistan these days including Atif Aslam. Although fame has eluded him from time to time he is now ready to expose his real talent and take the level up a notch. It was when he was 12 that his interest in music began to increase.

Ali Noor’s Blog – Slumdog Millionaire: A Disappointment!

February 20, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: A Disappointment!
Slumdog Millionaire Poster
Just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire. What the hell was it?

I try my best to be pretty less critical about most of the stuff I see. I even watched 8 seasons of “Charmed” and have enjoyed lots of chick flicks….

I went to cinemas in Delhi and saw movies that I would never dare to buy as DVDs in Pakistan, and still came out feeling my money’s well spent, if not for anything but the impact and ambience of the cinema hall and sound etc.

But with this movie I simply felt disturbed. Please don’t for a minute think that the depiction of the slums disturbed me. I have been to India enough to breathe the poverty in (one big reason why my love for Pakistan just does not cease to diminish) .

..what was it it…i can’t seem to place it…

For starters the movie is surely too damn overrated. Secondly I smell serious propaganda here… is this a primer of the “real” India for the West?

Kinara Video Making Memories – Shahzad Aslam

February 18, 2009

Kinara Video Making Memories – Shahzad Aslam
Dear aadeez

Thanks for liking the video of Kinara. Here is a list of some happening during the video making of Kinara. We were actually not having any specific plan to shoot this video but what ever happened in there was random. Normally on tours we are fully equipped with High definition cameras to record stuff but this time we thought of taking it to another level n record something funny.

Fire Records & Coke Studio reject Aunty Disco Project

February 17, 2009

Fire Records & Coke Studio reject Aunty Disco Project

It’s amazing how the incredible highs of performing live come together with the incredible lows of… well everything else. While we were still riding high on the success of our Peeru’s show, we got hit by some pretty disappointing news. Now we’ve been through a lot of shit in the last 2 years but the following bits of news really hit me hard personally.

Fire Records rejects us for a record deal.

Yeah I know. For the less acquainted among you, Fire Records is pretty much the only so called record label in Pakistan. There used to be a few a couple of years ago but none of them could make their financial models work. Fire Records comes under the Geo network, so they still get support from the other branches of the corporation.

Anyway, they heard our demos, which included “Sultanat”, “Nazar”, “Shehar key Aansoo”, “Likhta Nahin Mein” and a couple of our rough live recordings and their ‘committee’ decided that they weren’t good enough. But I did get a call from one of the record