It Might Get Glitchy – Time (Candles)

Time (Candles) - It Might Get Glitchy

Time (Candles) - It Might Get Glitchy


Natasha Ejaz and Rishabh Rajan


Time (Candles)


Indie Experimental / Electronic

It Might Get Glitchy‘ is a collaborative project by Natasha Humera Ejaz and Rishabh Rajan.

Take a listen to the song below:

“And on New Years, as a resolution to keep making music together (that Rishabh and I may or may not keep, depending on the mood and the month) here’s our latest: Time (Candles)… I saved this little piece of me right up until the last few hours of the year. This song, along with the rest of It Might Get Glitchy’s songs, will be made available for download soon enough.

Until then, may this year bring with it beautiful realisations. Happy New Year – Spread the love!” read more

Swaras finally said yes to Bollywood

December 30, 2013


Every band in the world claims to be “different” but Swaras certainly is, they are always about the quality while paying attention to the details and never in a rush to release their work. So far every single of theirs is very experimental in nature especially when it comes to the aspect of world fusion.

Boom Boom – NESCAFÉ Basement II (Episode #2)

Boom Boom - NESCAFÉ Basement

NESCAFÉ Basement astounds us with another round of enthusiasm, inspiration and talent. The fresh, vibrant artists of season II have been meticulously chosen and are the future crème de la crème of the music industry. Once again, the artists create a splendid orchestration which will leave you wanting more. NESCAFÉ Basement is a start, for these young artists. You can experience their journey here as they make their way through the crowds.