Zohaib Kazi – Butterfly In Space (EP Review)

By Hasan Faridi

Zohaib Kazi is a Pakistani artist who extracts elements from modern Western influences and blends them with mystical and appealing Eastern music. This compilation of sounds has earned a new genre name. It’s called ‘Ambient Electronica South Asia’. It’s not common, but it’s certainly one of a kind.

Recently, Zohaib released his EP “Butterfly In Space”, that features six tracks that bring this interesting genre to life.

Bat For Lashes – Laura (KM Single Review)

By Ahmad Uzair

Bat For Lashes – the pseudonym for Natasha Khan, is back on the music stage after a long hiatus. Her last and probably one of the most notable songs was “Daniel” in 2009 and this time around she has hit the stage with a brand new track “Laura” from her upcoming album “The Haunted Man” slated to be released in this October. Some might found this newly released track “Laura” a continuation of the journey, from where “Daniel” left. But one thing is for sure that the long wait for her new track was really worth it as she has come out with some beautifully mastered track that is surely going to connect with anybody who is going to listen to it.

Arooj Aftab & Banda Magda – Yerakina (KM Single Review)

By Ahmad Uzair

It might sound too clichéd but it’s a real fact that there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan and no matter how worse the conditions might be, the intellectual minds always make their way up to the top level. One of these examples is the very talented Arooj Aftab who is not only pursuing her musical dream but has also got a greater cause to project. She sings with a deep reminisce in her tone which makes it more interesting to listen to her songs.

Basheer & The Pied Pipers – Basheer (KM Album Review)

By Hasan Faridi

Some people say it’s good to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. After listening to Basheer & the Pied Pipers new album named ‘Basheer’, you begin to wish you did it earlier. Especially seeing as it’s been released for free.

Basheer & the Pied Pipers is a live drum and bass duo based in Karachi and Islamabad who make ambient experimental music using a variety of sounds.

The album starts with “Yes”; a song blends a variety of instruments to compose an almost-hypnotic track. The track also seems to have a video-gaming essence, as some dazzle noises play behind the fast-paced guitar picking. It all comes to life at the end when a sound effect that comes from Street Fighter says ‘You win… Perfect!’

Farhan Saeed – Pi Jaon (KM Single Review)

By Ahmad Uzair

The solo journey continues for Farhan Saeed as he comes out with yet another hit single named “Pee Jaun”. This is his second video as a solo artist and a much anticipated one as well. This song has already been a huge hit with its concert video released earlier on. As the name says, this track is all about forgetting the past and moving on. It is written and composed by Saad Sultan and Momina Mustehsan (female part).

Asad Ahmed – Will You (Instrumental) (KM Single Review)

April 10, 2012

By Hasan Faridi

Renowned guitarist Asad Ahmed, has been in the music industry for ages. It’s just that most of the time, he hasn’t had a chance to showcase himself as a sole artist. With an upcoming album over the horizon, Ahmed wants to show what he can bring to the table.

In a defiant stand, Ahmed recently made a clear statement, stating, “I don’t want to do the whole guitar hero thing again. I think, for me, it has always been more about the songs than guitar solos.”

And likewise, Ahmed may have just already proved he can create instrumental ‘songs’ in his new release named “Will You”. It’s given to us hungry rockers like a starter prior to the main course.

The Sketches Ft. Jono Manson – Khahori (KM Single Review)

April 2, 2012

By Hasan

Pakistani band, The Sketches, have made quite a name for themselves these past years. It’s members, Saif Samejo and Naeem Shah, came together in 2003, formed the group and gained a growing fanbase ever since. They have even released an album called “Dastkari”, which has gained an excellent response amongst the public so far.

The Sketches haven’t been seen doing too many collaborations in their music, but in the new track named “Khahori”, they’ve teamed up with Jono Manson.