Ali Hamza Recording a Naat

August 26, 2009

Ali Hamza is recording a Naat right now which is hopefully going to release in Ramadan, probably the after effect of being with Saieen Zahoor at the Coke Studio 🙂

Hamza says:

Recorded a naat that Nano taught me. Extremely rusty. Recorded at Raza’s studio. A new learning experience altogether!

Dawud Wharnsby Ali – Musings of a nomad artiste

Dawood AliI walked into a recording studio in Karachi recently to find Dawud Wharnsby Ali (formerly known as David Howard Wharnsby), one of the pioneers in the genre of English nausheed on a global level (along with the likes of Yousuf Islam, Zain Bhikha and the more recently popular, Sami Yousuf) in the vocal booth recording his vocals for a local project in which he was actually singing in Urdu. Repeatedly tutored by the music producer there on the nuances of pronunciation, Dawud would eventually get the song right.