It Might Get Glitchy – Time (Candles)

Time (Candles) - It Might Get Glitchy

Time (Candles) - It Might Get Glitchy


Natasha Ejaz and Rishabh Rajan


Time (Candles)


Indie Experimental / Electronic

It Might Get Glitchy‘ is a collaborative project by Natasha Humera Ejaz and Rishabh Rajan.

Take a listen to the song below:

“And on New Years, as a resolution to keep making music together (that Rishabh and I may or may not keep, depending on the mood and the month) here’s our latest: Time (Candles)… I saved this little piece of me right up until the last few hours of the year. This song, along with the rest of It Might Get Glitchy’s songs, will be made available for download soon enough.

Until then, may this year bring with it beautiful realisations. Happy New Year – Spread the love!” read more

Mahi Gal – Asad Abbas and Fariha Pervez, Coke Studio Season 6 Episode 4

Mahi Gal - Asad Abbas

Asad Abbas and Fariha Pervez – Mahi Gal [ Download Audio ]


Asad Abbas


Fariha Pervez


Kade Aa Ve Mahi Gal – Come sometime, beloved – کدے آ و ے ماہی

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Song Info

Opening up a trove of Sufi Folk is Asad Abbas’ ‘Mahi Gal’. Based on the raag Miyan Ki Malhar, the song is an old folk melody that Asad grew up hearing in his home given that Eastern Classical music was something he had inherited in his lineage. He feels that while the melody has always been striking, it’s within the lyrics that the song finds its mettle. The song’s dreamscape composition finds a tale at play in what could be reminiscent of folklore storytelling. The song begins with an old, raw feel of a yearning to connect with the object of one’s Love. In this dream like state, the song trails into a change of tone and witnesses glimpses of the other side, as if Light at the end of the tunnel, culminating into a transition of raag by Fariha Pervez into a Tarana. And with this newfound reassurance, the song’s tone is returned to the original raag but uplifted, musically tipping into an upbeat bluesy feel with instrumental elements such as the Oud – demonstrating the passage of time over such an experience. A song with a theatrical trace, ‘Mahi Gal’ is one of intuition, reaching out to connect with the reality of a lucid dream and waking up to a new state of Truth. read more