KM exclusive: Visaal – Meray Naseeb

January 10, 2009

Visaal gained popularity in the underground bands of Islamabad in 2005 with the song “Lagay Na Re“. Later they came up with another hit song “Noor-e-a“. Another reason for band popularity was a 14 year old drummer “Asfandyar” who had pretty good drum rolls. In 2006 the band dissappeared. I am not sure if the band is back but my news administrator managed an exclusive unreleased track by the band. Ladies and gentlemen I give you “Meray Naseeb” 😛

Rock on m/

Vital signs – Careless whispers, Hello [KM Classics]

January 9, 2009

As i started this site 3 months back (initialy on free servers), i thought to take a start with classics. I came up with discographies including Junoon (see also: Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat), Nazia Hassan, Alamgir, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Muhammad Ali Shehki, Vital Signs (see also: Junaid Jamshed, Rohail Hyatt) and the debut album of Strings.

Since KM always believes in exclusive content so i didnt forget to put “Careless whispers” and “Hello” from vital signs first live concert 😉

and at the end of the day i feel so proud giving away that exclusive content 😛