Best Cricket World Cup Song Ever? [Video]

March 9, 2011

This is most insanely creative world cup song ever made. This year the world cup songs that came out were generally not up to the mark. This dude however does justice.

Abbas Ali Khan comments on this precious talent

No words can do justice to what this guy has done, from lyrics to song writing to arrangement to mixing and mastering it’s something that no normal human can achieve. so all you guys out there making world cup songs see, this is how you do it. All of us are making songs for the team but did anyone ever thought about the CUP itself ? No! you can’t think that deep can you ?

There are two ways you can get featured on our blog: 1) Produce good music. 2) Suck as much as he does so we may bash you online.

[H/T Abbas Ali Khan]

Leading from the front

March 8, 2011

By Salman Ahmad

It was a warm, breezy evening in Karachi back in the summer of ‘96. I was leaving the Pearl-Continental hotel after a concert when a young teenager came up and introduced himself as a “Junooni”.

He was fair skinned, clean shaven with an intense look in his eyes that oozed passion and charisma. I asked him his name and he confidently replied “Shahid Afridi”.

He also told me that he was a leg spinner who had been selected to play for Pakistan under 19’s . I promised that I would look forward to seeing him perform soon.