Overload Stuns at BNU Bestival 2013 (Concert Pictures)

March 14, 2013

Since the time 2013 began, Overload has been keeping quite busy with back to back performances at various venues around the country, from IBA Karachi to Islamabad College for Girls [ICG]. On March 8th 2013, Overload performed at yet another interesting event in Lahore – the Beacon House National University [BNU] Bestival 2013, held at BNU’s Tarogill campus. Overload performed various popular numbers including Narray Aah, and Batti as well as a new single Ankahi, from their album.

Zeb and Haniya Performed at Lahore College for Women for a Nobel Cause (Pictures)

Photos Courtesy: Ardentlone Productions

PR – The Pakistani duo, Zeb and Haniya, recently performed at a fundraiser concert at Lahore College for Women, which raised money for impoverished girls to help fund their education in the form of scholarships. Zeb and Haniya believe wholeheartedly in causes such as this as they realize how important it is for women and children to protect their rights and gain proper education for a brighter future.

The Duo performed for the first time in a concert and donated generously for the good will.

Pakistan’s Biggest Social Media Musical Event

February 18, 2013

Pakistan is home to some very real but unexplored talent, when it comes to music. In order to celebrate and support this very talent, this Sunday 17th Feb 2013, Walnut Studios, in collaboration with Levi’s® hosted a musical event which was webcast LIVE to thousands on facebook, via Ustream’s dedicated media servers. An exclusive crowd of 30 were also invited to the gig’s venue itself – the Levi’s® flagship store in Lahore – which filled up the cozy space well.

Karavan Reunion: Band Performs Together After 2 Years

November 18, 2012

By Ahmad Uzair

The news of re-union of Karavan band which was in the air for quite some time now has finally materialized as the band recently performed together at a concert in Karachi after a gap of almost 2 years.

The band rose to fame with their single ‘Aagey Hi Aagey’ but their last notable performance was on Coke Studio season 3. Since then, all the band members were busy pursuing their solo career and it put an end to the band which lasted in the industry for about at least a decade.

Mustafa Zahid Joins Call Band as Guest Vocalist

November 6, 2012

Like every year, the number of concerts happening around really springs up as the weather tends to get cold. And same is the case this time as you would see a lot of concert posters taking on the walls of the city and of course Facebook.

Out of all these live performances lined up for this winter, the most notable is of Call the band, and the story just doesn’t end up here as they will be featuring Mustafa Zahid from Roxen as the guest vocalist.

Earlier they had performed with Mustafa on the lead vocals in Risalpur some weeks ago but this would be the first time that both the heavy weights will be performing together in their home ground i.e. Lahore.

Xulfi, who is the main driving force behind Call, is a long time friend of Mustafa and really helped the Roxen boys when they were in process of producing their first album Roxen-e-Dewar.

Basement gets Alive

As many of you would relate to me, life in an engineering school gets more and more tough and exhausting as the semester approaches the mid. Any extra curricular activity during it really releases your work tensions, but of course for a very short period of time.

Few days back, I got a call from Nestle and they invited me to an event which was basically a live concert of Nescafe Basement showcasing the whole new younger lot of Pakistani music scene mentored by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan a.k.a Xulfi.