Zeb and Haniya in the “Herald Annual Issue: Class of 2008”

January 24, 2009

Zeb and Haniya wrote on January 22, 2009 at 9:03am
Cover story: Class of 2008
New Kids on the Block

Everyone will tell you they think Woody Allen is a genius but few of them will have his films in their film collections. Zeb and Haniya, in that sense, remind one of Woody Allen. Indeed, the press attention this duo had received has been nothing short of extraordinary and in an even more unusual occurrence, the most artistic musicians in the country have lent a hand in producing their music.

However, despite the fact that the press is making them out to be a national phenomenon, that isn’t the case, yet. Their music is too layered, too folksy and too bluesy to be understood by eardrums used to simpler fare. But what beautiful music it is: Zeb has a glorious and powerfully-understated voice and Haniya is a fitting accompaniment with her clean guitar-playing skills.Some of the hype surrounding them distracts from the real beauty in their music. As Pakhtun women, the torch of progress is forced upon them but their origins are incidental. What they need to be seen as is the new creative face that has changed Urdu pop. There was a time when people thought Urdu could not lend itself to rock, but then Junoon came along and changed the rules. With Zeb and Haniya, the same has been done: a new canon of folk rock, jazz-influenced numbers and blues in Urdu has been created. That’s a lot for a debut album. F. Z.

Tribute to Vital Signs: Abbas Ali khan

January 23, 2009

Vital Signs” was the best damn thing that happened to Pakistan. Every time I listen to them I realize Junaid Jamshed was the best vocalist we ever had. Extremely talented and creative musicians like Amir Zaki and Rohail Hyatt played for the band and what hurts me the most is that they are gone. It was a great loss and I see myself in a lot of pain lately. It’s good to see artists like Abbas Ali Khan and Nauman Khalid paying tribute to them by covering their songs. However, I believe Nauman Khalid couldn’t to justice with the song Aitebar. Abbas Ali Khan’s covers that he did for pakmusic are appreciable and i do like them and would recommend them too.


Chehra (Tribute To VS)

Yaarian (Vital signs Cover) ft Waleed

Ganda Banda and 3D Cats

January 21, 2009

Ganda Banda and 3D (3 Dead) cats was formed in 1996 by Ali, Babar, Ahmed and Rizwan, students of Indus Valley School of Arts-Karachi. The band released album in 2005 which had 4 original and 5 cover tracks. Later the band broke up and Ali went solo. He did a song “Kachwa Bachao” for WWF (World Wild Federation). Now, Ali hosts a show “Musicology” on City fm89. He is currently working on his solo album and has recently hired a new manager. Ali and Ganda banda have been one of my favorite artists. Raat Jaagi, Tu Na Ho Mere Pass and Dhoonda Taroon Mai are my personal favorite tracks by the band. He is also hillirious blog writer. I am posting some videos of the band

Kachwa Bachao

Raat Jaagi:

Tu na ho mere pass

Raat Jagi & Taray – Ali Alam & ADP (Aunty Disco Project) at Indus Vally 2-3-2008

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Ali Noor’s Diary

January 2, 2009

The post is taken from Ali Noor’s (Noori) diary. He has been a father recently and this is his first love poem

The Love of my life…a few hours away
I never thought I’d do this

That I write for someone I love..

Always considered it an injustice to the emotion…

But I can’t help it tonight

In this hospital room…on a mattress 4 feet away from your embrace

I feel the meaning of love

I love you more than I could ever imagine…

Tonight… we sleep the last hours of our childhood…

We begin the journey of adulthood tomorrow…

You are the best companion…

And I could not wish for any other…

For in four hours you shall be a Mother!

Jal and Atif: Who is Worse

December 30, 2008

When the overrated song “addat” came out I used to wonder who among them made the great song of that time. Who among them would be the better one, the real one behind the song.

Now, few years have passed and both artists came up with couple of albums. The Jal/Atif competition and controversy remained. Both artists kept fighting, but i believe their fight was for who will come up with worse music. Atif on one hand tried to be the rock artist which he isn’t and can’t be while Jal on the other, couldn’t make lousier album than “Sajni”.

Rock music and Pakistan

December 29, 2008

Pakistani musicians specifically of the genre rock are said to be Asia’s best. Some American author (I don’t remember the name of the guy) traveled throughout the world to search for his soul mate music. He traveled places, learned about cultures,listened their music,wrote his book and concluded that Pakistani rock is the best rock music in Asia. In Muslim countries he rated Pakistan as first while Iran and Turkey were runner ups. That is how a foreigner respected us for something great we did and our own Pakistanis didn’t.