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February 14, 2009

BBC: The Changing WorldZeb Bangash and Haniya Aslam are cousins from the deeply conservative Northwest Frontier Province, the tribal areas, of Pakistan.

Radio show featuring us on an NPR show, The Changing World.”
They’re unlikely music stars but they’re not exactly country bumpkins either.

Both their fathers were civil servants, so they traveled all over Pakistan.

And both ended up at two of America’s most elite women’s’ colleges, not too far from each other. And now they’re making music that reflects their east-west upbringing.

The World’s Aaron Schachter reports.

The boy so set on getting to Cambridge he got 22 A-levels

February 3, 2009

This has nothing to do with music but this is so great that i had to share it.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

By Paul Harris and Laura Clark

One ambition was fixed in Ali Moeen Nawazish’s mind as he made his way through school in Pakistan. He wanted to win a place at Cambridge.

Sitting seven A-levels might easily have done the trick, even though he had started to study some of the subjects only three days before the exam.

But he was determined to get some good grades. So he sat another three, and three more. Then another nine. Just in case, he took a couple of AS levels along the way.


Dawn Images – SOUND CHECK: Pulp diction’

February 1, 2009

SOUND CHECK: Pulp diction

Source: Dawn – Images

Ali Azmat
A month ago while being interviewed for a documentary by DawnNews, I spontaneously said something that made the young producer raise an eyebrow. Well informed and conscious about the many rants by yours truly in the 1990s about the utter necessity of mixing politics with popular music, I saw the talented young man’s eyebrow racing across his forehead the moment I announced that local pop musicians should stay away from politics!

Roxen COPIED Omer Nadeem

January 29, 2009

Omar Nadeem and Haider used to play for Jal initially. Jal didn’t give any credit to them for their work. They started working with Atif then in his live sessions. After Atif released his album he said goodbye to them. They started two projects then one with Roxen and other was their solo project Sifaar. Omar Nadeem composed two hits Yadien and Tau Phir Aao for Roxen. After that he stoped working with the band. The band took his compositions that he made after quiting the band and didnt give him credit for that. Omar has already filed a case on Roxen which I personally think wouldn’t be of much use. It’s really bad to see such artists getting screwed and others gettin famous for them.

Omar Nadeem: Dil ka Diya

Roxen: Dil ka Diya

Guns N’ Roses of Hyderabad

January 27, 2009

A great part of my heart, soul and this site is dedicated to what i refer as “Guns N’ Roses of Hyderabad”. Yes, there was a Guns N’ Roses in Hyderabad, Pakistan called “Positive“. Unfortunately we kicked them away.

When I listen to the bands currently playing for Pakistan, I don’t see a single band that is half as good as Positive was. The first time I heard of the band positive was in 2003. I believe at that time all the bands were far better than the lot we have today. They were working for years without any fame, usually carrying out jams and gigs at their roofs and garages (and those were their only live sessions). Today the bands have a lot more support (yayyy i am one of the support), even then they are not what the undergrounds back then were.

Positive has been my favorite band of all the times. The band was primarily based on 4 members. Joseph T W used to play lead for the band. Majority compositions of the band and backing vocals were done by Joe. I am in love with his compositions. He truly reminds me of Gn’R. Nazar was the front man. He did lead vocals, compositions and rhythms for the band. He has really soulful and powerful vocals. I don’t know who did lyrics for the band but they have been one of the most powerful, influential and inspirational lyrics I have ever heard. Faiz was the keyboard/Piano player. I couldn’t hear him much in the songs though and Drums were done by

Zohaib. Later when I saw video of “Roz-e-azal”, I realized that now there is another band member “Laiq Ali Shah” playing bass for the band who was earlier not part of the band.

The band was perfect in every sense. Apart from the wonderful music they played, they were equally good with their image and videos. Clothing in their videos was done by ABCD (Ammar Bilal Clothes Designer). ABCD has also made a rock song “My favorite dream” for the brand promotion. WTF? team has been part of production and presentation for the band.

Dawn Images – Reading into Songs

January 25, 2009

Source: Dawn Images

FIRST PERSON: Reading into songs

By Halima Mansoor

Photography: Waheed Khalid

Over a year ago, Co-VEN came out with Volume One and Two (in one edition) and now their third album is almost ready to be released. Untitled as yet, the album is bolder in terms of arrangements, compositions and once released, will possibly be the only brazen, much needed intelligent socio-political rhetoric on the shelves. The single Ready to Die is on air and the video is in the works.

Speaking with Hamza, Sameer and Sikander in Omar Hussein’s studio where they recorded this album, there was a desire to understand the dynamics between being a niche band and a marketing plan. The boys obviously want to be heard and the way their album is sounding, the new material should. Is the creative cost of throwing in a formula pop track worth the possible addition in audience? Not really, according to the band.

“The formula is boring” Sikander puts it, when they can create music that’s verifiably their own, which according to Sameer, is getting “nothing but positive feedback”, their path to success is going to be the one less-travelled in Pakistan

Zeb and Haniya in the “Herald Annual Issue: Class of 2008”

January 24, 2009

Zeb and Haniya wrote on January 22, 2009 at 9:03am
Cover story: Class of 2008
New Kids on the Block

Everyone will tell you they think Woody Allen is a genius but few of them will have his films in their film collections. Zeb and Haniya, in that sense, remind one of Woody Allen. Indeed, the press attention this duo had received has been nothing short of extraordinary and in an even more unusual occurrence, the most artistic musicians in the country have lent a hand in producing their music.

However, despite the fact that the press is making them out to be a national phenomenon, that isn’t the case, yet. Their music is too layered, too folksy and too bluesy to be understood by eardrums used to simpler fare. But what beautiful music it is: Zeb has a glorious and powerfully-understated voice and Haniya is a fitting accompaniment with her clean guitar-playing skills.Some of the hype surrounding them distracts from the real beauty in their music. As Pakhtun women, the torch of progress is forced upon them but their origins are incidental. What they need to be seen as is the new creative face that has changed Urdu pop. There was a time when people thought Urdu could not lend itself to rock, but then Junoon came along and changed the rules. With Zeb and Haniya, the same has been done: a new canon of folk rock, jazz-influenced numbers and blues in Urdu has been created. That’s a lot for a debut album. F. Z.

Tribute to Vital Signs: Abbas Ali khan

January 23, 2009

Vital Signs” was the best damn thing that happened to Pakistan. Every time I listen to them I realize Junaid Jamshed was the best vocalist we ever had. Extremely talented and creative musicians like Amir Zaki and Rohail Hyatt played for the band and what hurts me the most is that they are gone. It was a great loss and I see myself in a lot of pain lately. It’s good to see artists like Abbas Ali Khan and Nauman Khalid paying tribute to them by covering their songs. However, I believe Nauman Khalid couldn’t to justice with the song Aitebar. Abbas Ali Khan’s covers that he did for pakmusic are appreciable and i do like them and would recommend them too.


Chehra (Tribute To VS)

Yaarian (Vital signs Cover) ft Waleed

Ganda Banda and 3D Cats

January 21, 2009

Ganda Banda and 3D (3 Dead) cats was formed in 1996 by Ali, Babar, Ahmed and Rizwan, students of Indus Valley School of Arts-Karachi. The band released album in 2005 which had 4 original and 5 cover tracks. Later the band broke up and Ali went solo. He did a song “Kachwa Bachao” for WWF (World Wild Federation). Now, Ali hosts a show “Musicology” on City fm89. He is currently working on his solo album and has recently hired a new manager. Ali and Ganda banda have been one of my favorite artists. Raat Jaagi, Tu Na Ho Mere Pass and Dhoonda Taroon Mai are my personal favorite tracks by the band. He is also hillirious blog writer. I am posting some videos of the band

Kachwa Bachao

Raat Jaagi:

Tu na ho mere pass read more