Ali Zafar Blogs about the Terror Attacks “And there goes cricket too”

March 4, 2009

Ali Zafar Blogs about the Terror Attacks “And there goes cricket too”


“Why does it take so long for something right to happen in this country. And why does it take no time for something like this to happen. Where’s the accountability?
People have been on the streets commenting, screaming , protesting, debating to see the promises made to them fulfilled. Why are they not ?!
It’s sad to witness the formulation of our destiny by a few!
I keep saying unless the youth won’t rise to it, there can be no saving or survival. This is not something new that i say. Jinnah said the same thing. So did Iqbal. The old system and the corrupt thought process needs an exchange with a more enlightened, selfless, educated, groomed and passionate doctrine formulated by the new breed of brains. You need technicians to run a country more than politicians.
Deepest regards and condolences to the Sri Lankan team who was courageous enough to come and play. Sorry guys ! And also to those police officers who lay their lives down.
I’m off.” read more

Atif Aslam’s ‘Kinara’ employs too many ideas for one video’s good

March 1, 2009

Atif Aslam’s ‘Kinara’ employs too many ideas for one video’s good

Atif parachuting down to ground. Atif buried in the sand. Atif as a superstar. Too many ideas are as bad for a video as too many cooks are for the broth

Maheen Sabeeh, Karachi

A music video is supposed to lift a song. Not take it down. Unfortunately, in Atif’s latest video, the former happens.

When Atif Aslam revealed that his next video would be with Bilal Lashari (well-known for his stand out videos of Jal’s ‘Sajni’, Overload’s ‘Dhamaal’, Abrar’s ‘Islamabad’ and Atif’s ‘Hungami Halaat’), it came as a nice surprise. After all, barring ‘Hungami Halaat’, Atif has had a string of music videos that simply haven’t left a lasting impression. That he has become a star despite the abysmal quality of most of his videos is astounding and speaks of true talent and star quality.

Another Bollywood single by Call the band (xulfi) – Dhadke Jiya Ye Rasta

February 26, 2009

Xulfi has once again made a song for an indian movie called “Aloo Chaat”. The video teaser is out on Tv channels. The song ofcourse sucked like previous two but better than them. I was seeing call on channel “Play” yesterday on “PMC (Pakistan Music Charts)” with their PMC sponsored toys in their hands and their bollywood songs being played at the back, dancing and enjoying their patheticism. The band call is nothing but a complete waste on society I am glad they did make some bucks during this course of transition from rock to bollywood.

Download: Aloo Chaat – Dhadhke Jiya Ye Rasta (teaser)

I wouldn’t have hated the song this much if it was by someone else but Call i expected different.

Article: Lost icons of Pakistani music and their lost causes

February 26, 2009


Lost icons, lost cause

By Seema Faruqi

Ahmed Rushdi gave this country countless hits from Ko Ko Korina, Akele Na Jana, Haan Issi Morr Par, Alif Se Aachi and Bandar Road Se Keamari, literally ruling the air in the ’60s and ’70s … but he was awarded the ultimate prize of Sitara-i-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan in 2003, 20 years after his death.

Farhad Humayun & Omran Shafique’s current music playlists

February 24, 2009

Farhad Humayun & Omran Shafique’s current music playlists
Celebrity playlist this week

It’s amazing that our celebrities have such a diverse taste in music. From chartbusters to fresh music, their playlist depict their moods. Instep takes you on a trip into their world of music…

Farhad Humayun Musician (Overload)

“These days I am listening to a lot of Western rock music because of the overdose of Indian and Bollywood tracks all around. And amongst that, I am hooked onto White Snake and Muse. And, if you want me to name a few songs then I would like to say ‘Good to be Bad’ from White Snake and ‘Map of the Problematic’ by Muse are amazing tracks.”

There’s something about Atif and Emraan

February 21, 2009


There’s something about Atif and Emraan

Maheen Sabeeh

There’s something about Atif Aslam and Emraan Hashmi that unites them in comparison. They are both superstars in their own right and have a unique success story, but when it comes to the X-factor they have more in common than you’d think. Instep Today takes a look…

Ali Noor’s Blog – Slumdog Millionaire: A Disappointment!

February 20, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire: A Disappointment!
Slumdog Millionaire Poster
Just finished watching Slumdog Millionaire. What the hell was it?

I try my best to be pretty less critical about most of the stuff I see. I even watched 8 seasons of “Charmed” and have enjoyed lots of chick flicks….

I went to cinemas in Delhi and saw movies that I would never dare to buy as DVDs in Pakistan, and still came out feeling my money’s well spent, if not for anything but the impact and ambience of the cinema hall and sound etc.

But with this movie I simply felt disturbed. Please don’t for a minute think that the depiction of the slums disturbed me. I have been to India enough to breathe the poverty in (one big reason why my love for Pakistan just does not cease to diminish) .

..what was it it…i can’t seem to place it…

For starters the movie is surely too damn overrated. Secondly I smell serious propaganda here… is this a primer of the “real” India for the West?

Kinara Video Making Memories – Shahzad Aslam

February 18, 2009

Kinara Video Making Memories – Shahzad Aslam
Dear aadeez

Thanks for liking the video of Kinara. Here is a list of some happening during the video making of Kinara. We were actually not having any specific plan to shoot this video but what ever happened in there was random. Normally on tours we are fully equipped with High definition cameras to record stuff but this time we thought of taking it to another level n record something funny.

THREATRICS: Murder at Starlight

February 15, 2009

THREATRICS: Murder at Starlight

By Khaver Siddiqi

A debut play by Stage Fright Productions, written by Mariam Virani and co-directed by Virani and Ali Junejo, Starlight is set in the early 19th century and is a murder mystery. The tagline of the play reads: “They all had the motive but only one had the drive to kill.”

The play that was recently staged in Karachi started off with the basics as we discovered the premise; Starlight is a club owned by Jaselle Castillo (Fatima Hasan) who also sings at the club regularly. Jaselle is also the murder victim and the suspects are all connected to her in one way or the other. The stake being not only the club itself but also a vast fortune that Jaselle recently inherited. A special aspect of her character is that although she dies in the first act, we get to see Jaselle in flashbacks with regards to the suspects. And it is in these flashbacks that Fatima explored the complexities of her character’s relations with others.
Enter the suspects.

The club is managed by Victor Lemur (Nadir Siddiqui), who is clearly uptight and displays an almost rude attitude towards everyone — except for Jaselle. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have a motive to kill her. Nadir was at ease in this role, though at times it seemed his character had nothing to do, but when he did do something the moment was hardly dull.