Jal: Farhan and Beyond

May 9, 2012

By Hani Arif

We were all sad when we heard that Farhan had quit Jal and decided to go solo. The shock factor remained intact as to why it had happened despite achieving the highest musical representation in Pakistan i.e. getting featured on Coke Studio. Do you ask the reason why we were all sad?

Firstly: Essence of Bands: Farhan was made by Jal and he had betrayed such a cordial relationship that he shared with his band mates, it was as if this can happen with Jal, it can happen with anyone else.

Sajid and Zeeshan – Walk on Air (Audio / Video Review)

April 2, 2011

By Hani Arif

Sajid and Zeeshan are back. Their album’s slated to be released this month entitled “The Harvest”.

The precursor is out and it’s called “Walk on Air” — An uptempo track mixing guitar elements (acoustic/electric) with dance music. News earlier came out of their next album being different in sound than their first. This track release is relief that even with live drumming coming into the new album, some tracks shall remain grounded to the Sajid & Zeehsan first album sound.

Q & A Session with Haroon Sheikh of Aag the Band

AAG Band

By Hani Arif

AAG BandQ: Why the name Aag for your band, which is a word, used daily and is not very striking because of being such?

A: If one observes Heraclitean philosophy, he sees that fire represents “Becoming”. The name AAG describes us perfectly because of its ever changing nature. Never forming the same pattern twice, AAG as a band seeks to be versatile, showing the different perspectives each of us have of music, which are moreover, ever-changing. Heraclitus described it best by saying, “One cannot step into the same river twice, for fresh waters are ever flowing upon one’s self”.

Irtaash – Humnasheen (Song / Video Review)

October 1, 2010
Yasir Jaswal

By Hani Arif

Yasir JaswalHumnasheen in English would translate to be an associate, that’s what your relationship with the song becomes as soon as the first strum, the electric guitar intro is played and the first line is sung, all hinting immediately that the song is a winner.

As the song progresses it becomes absolutely certain that the first impressions were not falsified at all. The song is about remembrance of times gone past and the desire to re live them. The song also talks about the fact that mistakes happen and misunderstandings arise but a good way to set them right is to step in to the others shoes in order to properly asses what they go through.

Sketches – Raat (Song / Video Review)

September 26, 2010

By Hani Arif

The vast desert, nomads, acquaintances made that never go further because they vanish in the sands, the colorful souls, people whose physical features and inner selves are sculpted with the winds that blow and the air that is breathed by them. This is Sindh.

All of the above is showcased in Sketches latest video release Raat (Moomal/Rano). From the beginning chords of the guitar and the flute to the individual solos that end with similar notes being played on them simultaneously, the song quite simply talks about longing and the ever present waiting period. Almost all Pakistani music usually has a lot of emphasis given to the vocalist where the voice has very strong presence in a song. Saif’s vocals are a bit different, as in this track they are more ambient and at a pitch more reserved for backing vocalists.

Why Artists Should Really Care About Their Social Media Presences

September 18, 2010

By Hani Arif

After going about on the web for years and keeping it as a primary source of news for Pakistani music it’s easy to say that there is a huge gap between the connection that should be between fans and Pakistani artists. The lack of proper web content, i.e interviews, professional recordings of concert performances lack totally. It is easy to find content for artists like Atif Aslam and come to think of it, only Atif Aslam.

Online video posting should be of a good quality as to establish the artist properly and popularize them in a manner they deserve. An example of mass publicizing is that when a certain Kumar Sanu is more popular than say an artist like Usman Shani and Kumar can’t even sing like Usman. There are two sides that need to be looked at, one being the artists and the other being the listening public.

The next Act:

Pact of Artists:

Pakistani artists, need to come up with official representations for themselves. Pages on Facebook, handles on twitter, YouTube channels, and yes all of them need to be official, official, official. Read More