[Spot Light: Omar Bilal Akhtar]

Omar Bilal Akhtar


Sadaf Fayyaz

Omar Bilal AkhtarComplexes: My friends think I’m always getting myself into self righteous arguments and making speeches.

What turns me on: A great sense of humor, and great taste in music without being pretentious

What turns me off: Someone who says ‘like‘ too much

Philosophy of life: Nothing in life worth having ever comes easy.

A Band Called ‘The Sketches’ (Interview)

September 21, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

Tell a bit about your background – your education and childhood.

Saif: I was born in an educated family. Up to secondary education I did all, what a kid can do but onward I felt myself a little bit reserved since childhood then and always attracted towards nature. I was an average student. I did my graduation in English literature and masters in business administration.

Naeem: Born in a simple but educated family. Since childhood my family especially father supported me a lot. I was an average student and was closer to nature. I studied fine arts (sculpture) and learnt guitar too.

A 10-Minute Session with Bilal Khan


Sadaf Fayyaz

My Complexes: Illiterate in musical notations

What turns me on: First sight of the finish line

What turns me off: Dogmatic behavior

My philosophy of life: Be desire less

My Secret Ambitions: To keep it a secret

Favorite Cologne: Issey Miyake

My music genre: Blues and Jazz

My favorite musicians: The modest ones

I would love to perform with: U2

I would love to see my country: Excel

Favorite Car: A tie between Ferrari Enzo and Suzuki FX

Diminutive ‘Au Fait’ and Meek Exquisiteness with Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 2 ‘Will’


Sadaf Fayyaz

Coke Studio Season 3 Episode 2 'Will'

The second episode of Coke Studio 3 aired on June 20th. The episode featured five tracks out of which only two proved to be extremely amazing. Coke Studio is famous for maintaining its style of fusion and diversity in music, this time flavored a bit experimental and mind-numbing. It was nice to see EP performing together but they could not maintain the real essence of the beautiful song “Bolo Bolo” by Sajjad Ali.  A very famous song from hit album “Babia” of Sajjad Ali, which was released in early 90’s, had “Bolo Bolo” as the second most favorite song, after “Babia”. The vocalist Fawad did little justice with this legendary and gorgeous song of Sajjad Ali. The bona fide quintessence of the song wasn’t felt at all. Upon asking Ahmed Ali Butt about the Coke Studio sessions, he shared,

Radiance All Over With Coke Studio 3

June 11, 2010
Coke Studio Season 3 Banner


Sadaf Fayyaz

Coke Studio Season 3 BannerThe coke studio season 3 is all in the air and a hot topic these days. The exciting season marks with Noori, Meesha Shafi, Karavan, Arif Lohar, Arieb Azhar, Abida Parveen, Zeb & Haniya, Saba Shabbir, Zoe Viccaji, and Sanam Saeed. Sanam and Zoe could be seen as the backing vocalists this time. Abida Parveen outshines the show with her mystical and deeply enriched style in “Ramooz-e-Ishq”. One cannot comment or critique on her performance and chic. She sounds miraculous every time.

Old Wine in New Bottle: “Go Saabjee Go”

May 12, 2010


Sadaf Fayyaz

He knows what to make music about. We see something rocking this time by this startling guy. All we are talking about is the brand new video “Go Saabjee Go”, from his album “Haroon ka Safar”. Whether it is a patriotic song like “Dil Se Maine Dekha Pakistan”, or romantic song like “Jao Tum”, or a typical family kind naughty song like “Mehendi”, Haroon has really done something remarkable this time. Remembering his “Mr. Fraudiye”, that reflected societal loopholes and social deceptions. Haroon has come up with something quite avant-garde this time. The stimulus behind the video is wretchedness and daily life problems of an ordinary local citizen.  The eccentric and unfathomable maestro Haroon is a true enigma.

Talk with Umer Piracha (Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist)


Sadaf Fayyaz

Q1. Tell us a bit about your background, education and childhood.

Umer: I was raised in Multan in a very traditional family. I grew up in fortunate circumstances,  with a strong yet intimate man as my father, three amazing younger siblings, and my mother and two aunts (who also lived with us) altogether providing thrice the usual intensity of motherly affection afforded to people. This provided a foundation unlike any other.  After O levels, I went to Aitchison College for A levels, learned from the challenges of living in a hostel, and then went to USA to continue my studies. There, I encountered amazing teachers, colleagues, and disciplines, and fell deeply in love with philosophy, film, religious studies, psychology, and music. Now I live and work in Philadelphia, USA.

Portrait of a Young Artist: Adil Omar (Interview)

Adil Omar


Sadaf Fayyaz

Adil OmarQ1. Tell us a bit about your background, education and childhood.

I actually stopped going to school this year. Didn’t feel like it anymore. For now, I’m taking a year off just doing what I do, which is being a bit of a hermit and making music. I have a few things lined up regarding music related projects, hopefully those will work out.
As far as my childhood goes, I had an interesting childhood. Think of it as “Animal House” meets “The Sopranos”.

Q2. Tell us something about your musical training.

What musical training? – I picked up everything I do on my own. I have been writing, recording, mixing and making the occasional beat myself.

Q3. What message does your music reflect? Is it peace, love or any other?

A Short Dialogue with Amanat Ali & Mehreen Raheel For Redbull Air Race


Sadaf Fayyaz

Q1. What was the experience with the pilot during the Media Flight?

Amanat: I really enjoyed watching Mehreen take off in the plane, but was glad I was not in it! The pilot, Sergio Pla, was so patiently explaining everything to Mehreen before he took her on the flight.

Mehreen: It was a once in a lifetime experience and when I came back down to earth, I felt exhilarated and like a new person! The pilot was so very good at what he does and made me feel very calm before I took off with him, and during the flight.

Q2. How did you feel