Ali Zafar’s OST For Zindagi Gulzar Hai a Hit Amongst Audience

November 29, 2012

PR – Multi talented Pakistani artist, Ali Zafar who has gained much fame in the country and abroad with his work in Bollywood productions, proves that his top priority still remains the local entertainment industry with the original sound track for Hum TV’s new drama serial ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’.

The serial which will be aired every Friday night during the prime time slot stars Fawad Khan in the lead role as Zaroon, who was himself the lead vocalist for rock band Entity Paradigm.

It is surprisingly pleasant to note that Ali Zafar did not have any reservations about lending his voice to another singer, belting out vocals to suit the energetic performance by Fawad Khan.

Ali Zafar at the launch of Exchange for Change 2012-2013 (Pictures)

November 22, 2012

Roots launched the Exchange for Change [EFC] pilot project as an interactive initiative linking 2400 school students from 10 schools across Delhi, Mumbai, Lahore and Karachi. The project aimed to help students in both countries realize that a sustained dialogue is possible and to enable a clearer understanding of their shared history, culture and lifestyles. During the 16-month life of the project, a continuous exchange of letters, postcards, photographs, oral histories and a final physical exchange – visits to Delhi and Lahore, helped to dispel misinformation about historical events and encouraged students to form their own opinions.

Mudhouse & The Golden Doll: Ready to rock Islamabad

October 31, 2012

PR – Islamabad: A special screening of the critically acclaimed Pakistani feature film Mudhouse & The Golden Doll by Hamza Ali Abbasi – will be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November at The Arena.

The movie has already been screened at the Toronto Film Festival and Ohio City Film Festival, where it received much appreciation from international critics and audience. The movie has previously been shown at a limited screening, at the Arena, and received a standing ovation. This time the movie is open for all those who have been waiting to take a glimpse of the movie.

Ali Zafar Working On His 4th Album

October 31, 2012

PR – After giving 3 super hit albums, Ali Zafar is now working on the fourth one.

Renowned Pakistani singer, actor and artist Ali Zafar is now working on his fourth music album after producing three mega hit albums Huqa Pani, Masty and Jhoom. Interestingly, his fourth movie Chashme Baddoor is also set to be released on February 22nd, 2013, Ali has given his fans much to look forward to during the coming year, the year of ‘four’ for him.

Ali Zafar Routes for Progressive Education

October 26, 2012

PR – Ali Zafar recently visited his old school, Beacohouse, in Lahore where he had topped in his 10th grade. He was invited by the faculty to witness the “Battle of the Bands”, an event the school annually hosts where young budding rock musicians showcase their talent.

One such budding musician was also Ali’s younger brother Daniyal, who while performing “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd invited Ali to join him on stage. Ali played the rhythm guitar for him while he Daniyal sang the lead. Later, as per tradition, Ali was invited to come on stage and say a few words. In his speech Ali appreciated and encouraged all participants and their performances. He also proposed that music be taught as a proper subject from the beginning in schools and that his school Beaconhouse, being one of the most progressive in Pakistan, should take the initiative.

Ali Zafar Takes Part in Record Breaking Event

October 23, 2012

PR – Ali Zafar gave an electrifying performance at the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 in front of a crowd of 70, 000 people. With renditions of some of his most popular hits, he soon got the crowd jumping on its feet in time to the music. People from all walks of life and professions were openly invited and urged to participate in the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 which was initiated by CM Shahbaz Sharif.

This record breaking activity, which saw the largest human flag being made by 70,000 people, lead the Punjab Youth Festival into the Guinness World Records directory for “most people singing the national anthem simultaneously”.

Ali Zafar Mobbed by Fans at Vogue Fashion Night Out Event in Delhi

September 13, 2012

PR – Ali Zafar is known for keeping a low profile when he is travelling in India, preferring the anonymity of blending in and just being a regular guy. However, recently when he was in Delhi for a speech at the Indian Youth Summit he was asked by friends to join them at Vogue Fashion Night Out which is one of the classiest fashion events held every year. This initiative was the brainchild of the ever famous US Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, who started it in 2009 as a way to get people excited about shopping again, during the global recession.

SILK by Fawad Khan Launched in Islamabad at L’atelier & Karachi at ONE by Ensemble

August 19, 2012

Following the unprecedented success of the introduction of SILK in Lahore earlier in August, leading Pakistani personality Fawad Khan and his wife, SILK Designer Sadaf Khan, launched their brand in Islamabad at an exclusive preview event at L’atelier and in Karachi at ONE by Ensemble.

The launch at L’atelier was attended by a diversity of Islamabads social personalities, media and fashionistas alike. In Karachi the brand went straight onto the racks for retail at ONE by Ensemble.

SILK by Fawad Khan Launches in Islamabad at L’atelier & Karachi at ONE by Ensemble on the 18th of August!

August 16, 2012

Following the unprecedented success of the introduction of SILK in Lahore earlier in August, leading Pakistani personality Fawad Khan and his wife, SILK Designer Sadaf Khan, launch their brand in Islamabad at L’atelier and in Karachi at ONE by Ensemble both on the 18th of August 2012.

A brand encompassing mid-range casual and semi-formal ready to wear clothing, SILK has fast become acclaimed for their simple and effective design ethos