Aag Alive 2009 Concert Review


Sara Khalid

Note: This review focuses primarily on performances and how they looked over television. It doesn’t cover the the venue mishaps and other events.

The show started with an Aag Alive lounge. The lounge started off with the Aagmentary which basically took a look at the history of Pakistani pop music from Ahmed Ruhshdi to Junoon, it was actually quite interesting for any Pakistani pop music fan. After the Aagmentary segment the VJs showed glimpses of the actual concert. They also showed the Behind the Scenes of Aag Alive, all of this was put together really well but after a while the Aag Alive lounge got extremely boring especially the clips in between the actual show…no one really cares about these actors etc. and their interviews, the people watching on TV or online are only interested in the PERFORMANCES not these lame interviews! They were HORRIBLE! Especially the last one with the old man Ali Muhammad Mir who passed very rude comments about Atif Aslam, Annie, and singers in general (he was suppose to be imitating Musharaf apparently)…

Now lets get to the actual performances.

Interview: “The response we’ve been getting doesn’t suggest that there’s any anti-Pakistan sentiment.” – Farhan Saeed

– Instep Today catches up with Farhan Saeed of Jal as he tours India with his musical outfit Jal and finds out about playing across the border, Indian sentiment and more…

Tomorrow is just a song away

With Muharram upon us, many musicians are heading to other destinations. Strings made us proud by performing at the recent South Asian Bands Festival (Purana Qila, New Delhi) representing Pakistan. Since then, the dynamos of Pakistani pop have gone on a touring spree of India and have just returned home (but more on them later). And they aren’t the only ones giving Indians a doze of pure electric Pakistani pop.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Nazrana-e-Aqeedat (Instep Album Review)

December 20, 2009

After recording the brilliant and hypnotic Charkha and singing for Bollywood films, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is back with Nazrana-e-Aqeedat. Instep lends an ear…

By Manal Faheem Khan

Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Album: Nazrana-e-Aqeedat***

The ultimate goal for any Pakistani artist is receiving international recognition for his or her work, and many of our Pakistani singers have successfully made their way into Bollywood; however, only rarely anyone has managed to meander their way into the vicinity of Hollywood or leave a mark on the more thriving Western music scene. We have witnessed only the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan accomplishing this great challenge via his collaborations with Peter Gabriel and Michael Brook and the appreciation of his talents was ubiquitous with films like The Last Temptation of Christ (1985), Natural Born Killers (1994) and Dead Man Walking (1995). He may not have rivaled the popularity of their biggest pop acts but Nusrat is still mentioned with reverence by Western musicians who had never heard anything like the prowess of the extraordinary qawwal.

Top 3 Hottest Female Models of Pakistan



Rabia Butt:

They’re calling Rabia the next Vinny. This newcomer has sped her way to the top in no time at all, thanks to her highly photogenic face and the extremely successful fashion campaigns that she did last year – Crossroads being just one of them. Dropping out of a career in medicine to pursue a life in the limelight, this newcomer continues to railroad into thefashion scene, vocally crediting her success to Guddu Shani of 360 degrees and Maram Aabroo. Though she hasn’t been seen on the runway that much – not many shows took placelast year so one really can’t blame her – this 5’8″ Lahori has immense potential.

With her looks and height, Rabia most certainly is one of Pakistan’s top most models.