Noori – Taaron Se Agay (Download Audio)

February 13, 2012

Noori – Taaron Se Agay (Download Audio)

Artist: Noori

Song: Taaron Se Agay

Download Audio!

Take a listen to the song below:

Message from Noori:

“8 months of jamming, tensions, gigging, back-and-forths and all those crazy things that happen when a a band re-unites after 6 years. Add to that the frustration and constant reminders by fans and critics as to when we will put out some new stuff!

The pressure WAS killing us. But you know us, we would die bef

Ali Zafar Gets His First Bollywood Award

February 10, 2012

You may have already been noticing how Ali Zafar has slowly been charming every bit of Bollywood through his talent and personality. With a modest start from “Tere Bin Laden“, Ali has immensely grown and LPNY is really going to be a game changer for him. Not only does he act in the movies he stars in, he also composes the music and sings, being the music maestro that he is.

Zafar has previously been nominated in quite a lot of Bollywood award shows but this will be his first award in the Bollywood as he has been awarded with the “Superstar of tomorrow” award at the Stardust.

Omer Nadeem ft Myra Nadeem – Teri Yaad (Download Audio)

February 4, 2012

Omer Nadeem feat. Myra Nadeem – Teri Yaad (Download Audio)

Artist: Omer Nadeem feat. Myra Nadeem

Song: Teri Yaad [Original Version]

Download Now!

Teri Yaad’s original version featuring Omer Nadeem’s sister Myra Nadeem singing her first ever song! Omer previously released a very up-tempo version of this track that featured Khiza.

Composition: Omer Nadeem
Lyrics: Omer Nadeem / S.Mukhtiar / Tausif Ali
Special Thanks: Saad Sultan – Producer & Aamir Aly – Bass
Produced at sidereal Studios

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Ali Zafar’s & Katrina’s Music Collaboration, Not Happening As Of Now

February 2, 2012

Bollywood diva Katrina had agreed to appear in Zafar‘s upcoming music video and album while the two were shooting for MBKD but none of that is happening as of now. While the film was being shot, Ali and Katrina were both bonding big time. Ali said “Yes, Katrina is very sweet and told me she would be a part of my album. I carry my guitar on the sets and she too is learning the basics. She will probably play it for my album.”

According to the recent reports by Zee, while Zafar and Katrina still jam casually on and off when they meet, the music collaboration plans aren’t on the table, at least for now.

Grab Your Free Galaxy Y Through Samsung Pakistan & Club Caramel

February 1, 2012

In the times where no real money can be generated through album sales and live events seldom happen due to the security situation, it is only brands which can keep the music alive in Pakistan. The largest example of that is Coke Studio followed by Ufone’s Uth Records and this time around it’s Samsung which is stepping into the market of promoting up and coming musicians.

A few days ago we reported about the endorsement deal that the Lahore based band Club Caramel has signed up with the Samsung. The campaign continues with the Galaxy Y giveaway which any one of you can get this Valentine’s.

We Are Now Just a Bit More Pakistani

January 28, 2012

Since the beginning, KoolMuzone has always been about Pakistaniat. We started this blog to change what we thought was wrong with Pakistani music outlets. Our purpose always has been to serve Pakistani content and to provide Pakistani musicians with a platform for them to get heard.

It has been a very eventful journey for us since during the past three years many a times we have been a target of various hacking and malware attempts, due to which we have faced quite a lot of problems.

In an effort to eradicate all the problems associated with our last domain name, we had to change our domain name and what could be better than making this platform a bit more Pakistani for all of us, hence we have moved on to a .PK TLD

Three Girls Died and a Dozen Injured in a Concert at Lahore

January 10, 2012

Three girls died while a dozen were injured during a concert of Atif Aslam at Al-Hamra Cultural Complex after a stampede broke. The concert was arranged by Punjab college. Reports suggest that more people were accommodated at the venue than it’s maximum capacity.

There are several reports about why the stampede broke but we’re unsure of the actual story yet. One of the reports suggests that the stampede was caused by the fake news of a bomb blast. Everyone rushed out to save their lives injuring others while another report suggests that it was due to the miss-management of the organisers when the girls tried to rush backstage to meet Aslam.

Symt to Play at the Coke Studio Season 5

January 5, 2012

It’s only January and I’m receiving a lot of Coke Studio tips while the fifth season won’t be aired anytime before May. Multiple reliable sources confirmed that Symt is expected to play as a featured artist in the fifth season of the Coke Studio.

It turns out that the preparations for the upcoming season are in the full flow. “Coke studio sweat and blood in full flow” tweeted Zoe Viccaji one of the backing vocalists of the Coke Studio.

Warrants Issued Against Meesha Shafi & Mahmood Rahman

January 2, 2012

Lahore court has issued a warrant against the former members of Overload, Meesha Shafi and Mahmood Rahman, for allegedly stealing equipment from Farhad’s studio.

Beef between Farhad Humayun and the former members of Overload, Meesha Shafi and Mahmood Rahman, is nothing new. It all began after the band split up and rage statements were released by both the parties against each other.