Here’s How We Got Hacked: Thanks to Warid Telecom

April 17, 2013

303043_10150764865985134_6185086_nIn the last two weeks, dozens of high-profile Pakistan-targeted Facebook pages have been hacked, courtesy of Warid Telecom. We have not only lost a dozen pages in general, but also some business pages including KoolMuzone’s Facebook page with nearly 60,000 likes. Not only are we facing financial losses, our brand is being destroyed over the Facebook. For all those who’re wondering how could Warid be responsible for this? Well, here’s how.

Our Facebook Page Is Hacked (Again)

April 15, 2013

hkdEver-since we started this blog, we have had a rather bumpy ride in all possible ways. Mostly because this is a Pakistan-targeted website and unfortunately, these are all the by-products of being part of this market.

Our Facebook Page has been taken over again on 11th of April, 2013 around 6 PM in the evening. If you’ve been reading us for long enough, you probably already know this isn’t the first time. We will do a detailed story on this soon but for now all I want you guys to know is that we are not doing those lame updates on the page. We still do not have access to that page.

Ali Gul Pir to Perform in Lahore Campuses, Partners with Eeto Chips

March 26, 2013

[Sponsored] Ali Gul Pir is performing in campuses across Lahore in association with Eeto, a new chips brand, as part of the “Who’s Stopping Your Masti” comedy tour.

Starting from 26th March, the “Viral Saayein” will be performing his hits and doing stand-up comedy at 20 campuses across Lahore. The idea of a tour in Lahore with one of the most viral stars of Pakistan sounds amazing – the sharp-witted comedian involves the audience in his act too.

I think students from Lahore are going to be a perfect fit for his improv act. More info and details to emerge via

Atif Aslam Ties The Knot

March 26, 2013

As reported almost 2 years ago, Atif Aslam had gotten engaged to his long-time sweetheart ‘Sara Bharwana‘. The report, marked as rumor by the superstar’s management over and over again, isn’t a rumor at last as Mr. Aslam has finally decided to tie the knot. The Nikah ceremony has already taken place and the formal proceedings will begin from the 26th of March.

As shared by the RJ Dr. Ejaz Waris, the mehndi will supposedly take place today; followed by the Barat on 28th and the Valima on 29th of March.

Ali Zafar & Several Other Musicians Write to Provincial Govt. to Reconsider Taxation on Live Shows

In the times when no real money is generated from the sales of the actual music, musicians pretty make much their entire livelihood off live shows. Even when the situation is pretty shocking, both for the individual musicians and the entertainment industry at large, the government of Punjab has discouraged live shows every now and then.

Earlier this year, Punjab assembly passed a resolution to ban concerts in educational institutions, which are pretty much the only concert venues, since there aren’t much open-theaters or concert venues in this country. This was overturned by the assembly upon constant protest by the musicians.

Fawad Khan & Waqar Khan Quit Entity Paradigm

May 18, 2012

Based on latest status update by Entity Paradigm‘s drummer Waqar Khan, it has been confirmed that he is no longer part of the band. However, other sources including some of the renowned musicians have also confirmed that the front-man of the band, Fawad Afzal Khan, has also called it quits.

I’ll be honest when I first heard the news it neither shook me nor made me sad. The reason why I feel the way I do is that the band only released one song since their come back. And so I’ve always felt that the word comeback was rather an overstatement. The band hasn’t released much music since the reunion but the members continued to work on their solo projects.

A renowned musician, who would like to stay anonymous commented “apparently he [Fawad] is very busy with acting and can not give time to band“. Waqar Khan on the other hand announced that he’s calling it quits on his personal Facebook profile. He said “Goodbye ‘Entity Paradigm’ and good luck with the upcoming video. 12 years of interesting times, it is time to say ADIOS!

What came as a surprise to me is that EP continues to work on the latest music video “Ajab Tamasha” without Fawad and Waqar. Seems lik