This Valentines, Get Foodstruck with 7up!

February 8, 2014

7UP Love it up

Love sprouts in the most unforeseen places. The “dhak dhak” comes from where you least expect it and who doesn’t love to eat! It’s just contagious! You’ll know a food lover when you see one because they’ll always have a 7UP at hand. It’s just the greatest Combo in town and it will have you dreaming, wanting, craving and coming back for more.

7upThis Valentine’s Day, share a little love by participating in 7UP’s Love it UP Challenge. The contest is open to everyone and anyone who has a Facebook account. You may participate via the internet during the duration of the contest which ends on 11th Feb 2014. Go to 7up’s facebook page and follow the instructions. Only Top 100 on the leader board will be announced as winners of the Love it UP Challenge.

” Where there’s love, there’s food, where there’s food there’s 7UP. “


1) The objective is to completely empty the bottle containing the oh so delightful and exquisite 7UP.

2) With every new like on the page a delicious bubbly sip of 7UP will be consumed, watch how fast that happens.

3) Help us LOVEitUP till the entire 7UP in the bottle is slurped up.

4) Invite your friends too to increase your count.

5) The more friends you invite, the higher your score, the greater your chances of winning a Delicious 7UP valentines gift.

At the contest-end, a wall post listing all the winners will be posted on 7up’s facebook page. The winners will be required to inbox their required details on the facebook page.

So what are you waiting for and join the contest!