8 Terrific Things I Loved at the White Musk Smoky Rose Launch

December 10, 2013

White Musk Smoky Rose Launch

Many outsiders take Islamabad as a boring city, many think that the people are not lively and they don’t know much about any or everything related to party & events or concerts. But 5th of December marked a night filled with sensation, excitement and fragrance. The Body Shop in Centaurus Mall launched their new fragrance called ‘White Musk Smoky Rose’ and showcased it in front of a wide audience.

Saima Azhar held the shiny bottle of eau de toilette as spot light fixed on her then she opened the bottle and sprayed it around and suddenly a wonderful aroma spread in the surrounding. Also lights changed colors and Islamabad witnessed a shift in the style of product launch ceremonies. A new style and method has hit the capital and hopefully other cities will follow it.

As a photographer I have been to many events and have seen many sorts of mishaps and arrangements but the event organized for The Body Shop was not like others. It was terrific in many ways. Pakistan has not seen such product launch before, or at least I am not aware of any. There were amazing flash mobs, and prominent socialites, celebrities & political figures were at the event with the management of The Body Shop International from Dubai, the UK and Pakistan.


The Body Shop was pure eye candy as the décor was brilliant and lit with indigo. Ambience was the cause of attraction of not only customers but also the passer bys. The shop had wonderful décor and looked terrific dipped in the indigo color. People were in awe with the ravishing look that The Body Shop gave.


As said before the ambience and the décor that was put up by the designers hired were wonderful. But other than the shop at one of the gates of Centaurus Mall was eye candy too. A wonderful stage with spacious seating and same indigo colored lights thrown on the big back drop and in surrounding made it look dashing and exuberant. The lights were also great for photography as poor lighting can ruin chances of good photography; people who did lighting knew their job well.

The Host:

Many events lose their charm only because of the voice and the way event is being anchored by the host. But Sulmeen Ansari is an excellent and an experienced host, she also is a renowned radio jockey at Samaa FM. Sulmeen was host of the launch event and she nailed it.


Saima Azhar was the model chosen for revealing the product. The event was wonderful as beautiful models like Nada Bhangash and Anam Ahmad followed the lead in the showcase of the launch of the White Musk Smoky Rose. The models were talented and are well known as they were very picky with clients, which says it loud that events in Islamabad are as good as events in other cities even when it comes choosing the models.

Local Talent and more:

A lot of local talent was present at the launch event. I am fan of local talent and love its promotion. Islamabad’s own Maria Fatima Qureshi did solo performances and also paid tribute to late Michael Jackson. Also Mulazim Hussain (of Sur Kshetra fame) was present at the event and he sung some classical songs which were liked and applauded by audience.


There were two different performances by Faizan Ahab. The choreography was wonderful and applauded highly when they moved with the beats. The symmetry and the sync with other team members was nice as it is hard to maintain. It was a very talented group.

Event Management:

Event Management is not an easy task especially when it is done for an international brand. Najaf Naade Ali and Farooq Butt, the duo behind Nucleus Events and PR did awesome job arranging everything from The Host to local talent, inviting guests and audience, and complete media coverage which included both print and electronic media. Another rather different thing was the leverage they gave to social media coverage, live updates and web streaming, usually which event management comes ignore.

White Musk Smoky Rose:

And the final thing I loved was obviously the fragrance itself. It is best selling perfume due to its iconic beauty globally and now it is launched here in our very own Islamabad. The bottle holds many powers. It is a unique fragrance which the ladies of the twin cities can get their hands on. It is mystic – simply.

~ Syed Moazzam Ali
(The writer of the blog post is a Photographer and Blogger, he can be reached on his facebook page or can be followed on twitter @moazam_aly)