‘The Other Half of Tomorrow’ Puts Zeb & Haniya Amongst ‘Most Inspiring Achievers’ in Pakistan

November 18, 2012

The talented duo of Zeb and Haniya might not be in the lime light all the time but they are always up to something exciting and new, showcasing the versatile nature of their artistic minds.

Right now the project which they have become part of is a documentary about the empowerment of women in Pakistan. Zeb and Haniya have been filmed in Lahore, Brooklyn, and Madison, WI this year for “The Other Half of Tomorrow“.

“The Other Half of Tomorrow” is a series of short documentaries; that features a group of dynamic female artists, politicians, educators and athletes, who tell the story of a very different Pakistan than the one we think we know.

Apart from Zeb and Haniya, other notable personalities being featured in this series of documentaries are the renowned art performer, Sheema Kermani and the Captain of Pakistani women cricket team, Sana Mir.

As the official page of this project states, the film introduces us to the disparate contexts that make up a complex culture—from a women’s rights’ workshop in a village in rural Punjab to an underground dance academy in Karachi to the playing fields of the Pakistan Women’s Cricket Team. Intertwining the religious, economic, social, and political issues that are facing Pakistani society, The Other Half of Tomorrow explores the richness and plurality within Pakistan and the urgent need for better understanding of its conflicts.

Zeb and Haniya too posted about this project and seemed to be pretty excited to be part of this new venture. They said,

“The Other Half of Tomorrow” is not only a beautifully directed and produced film; it also puts us in the company of the most inspiring achievers in Pakistan. We are humbled and happy.”

Also a trailer of this project was released which depicts that there is always a positive aspect of every story and no matter how dark the circumstances may be, we should always be optimistic about the future, focusing upon the gains of our society despite its dejecting outlook.

This documentary is all set for World premiere at the 2012 Margaret Mead Film Festival in NYC on 29th of this month.