T20 World Cup 2012 – Pepsi Pakistan

September 17, 2012

People still remember the celebrations three years ago, when the entire city came out to the streets chanting with merriment in glory of the green team and their achievement. The World Cup Imran Khan brought to Pakistan was no longer the only one; Younis Khan led the green team to a magnanimous victory and hence to win another World Cup.

Even though the city, at that time was declared ‘under red alert’ – summoned by the government on account of all the terrorist attacks, everyone forgot the fear that was in their hearts and the caution that was to be taken during that time, and had come out of their houses filling the streets of Pakistan, united in celebrating their glorious victory.

That was a time, none of us can forget – memories of victory. Three years down the lane, and 3 attempts at almost winning the trophy, the T20 World Cup is back again. Sri Lanka being the host country this time the tournament displays in all its glory, the ultimate prize – the 2012 Cup. All teams long for the win of the Cup, but no matter how bad everyone wants it, there can be only one winner, one champion! Given the recent performance of the team against Australia in the T20 matches in UAE, everyone is hopeful that the Pakistani team will not come back from Sri Lanka, empty handed. The Green team will rise above the rest and be the champions.

Under the captaincy of Muhammad Hafeez, the country is confident with high hopes and is expecting him to lead the green team to a glorious victory – as did Younis Khan & Imran Khan. All reservations for watching the two starting matches of Pakistan, on 23rd Sept, against New Zealand and on 25th Sept against Bangladesh have already been booked at almost every screening event available.

Having sponsored and promoted the sport for over three decades, Pepsi Pakistan always brings something new to the table; as it has again this time. After a huge success of their previous cricket related initiatives, Pepsi Pakistan is proud to bring back to all the fans out there, the Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League!

That’s right! Pepsi Pakistan, like before gives you a chance to win awesome prizes! They have in store cricket goods autographed personally by none other than Shahid Afridi himself! And that’s not all, also up for grabs are the three prizes – Rs. 50,000, Rs. 100,000 and a grand prize of Rs. 500,000!

So come on folks, log on to www.facebook.com/pepsipk and get yourself registered with the Pepsi Cricket Fantasy League, and remember, the later you join, the fewer chances you have of winning – so hurry up! We know Afridi, Ajmal and Gul are Made for cricket – are you?