Overload – Ankahi (Audio / Video)

September 1, 2012

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Artist: Overload

Song: Ankahi

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Overload is a chameleon; reinventing itself into new personas and directions. After the successes of a daring ‘Batti’ and a surreal ‘Nairay Aa’, Overload’s new video ‘Ankahi’ is produced and directed by the band’s drummer/singer Farhad Humayun.

The lyrics, written by Tahir Shaheer are sung by Farhad to an eminently hummable sound track by Sheraz Siddiq. ‘Ankahi’ was shot on the RED ONE camera over three gruelling days and nights by Sabeeh Khan (Director of Photography).

Although Overload is not a political band, it believes that negativity & many taboos need to be eliminated in order for a people to attain peace, success & glory. This video holds a mirror to Pakistan – highlighting the widening fault lines of modern day Pakistan. Overload asks: Who are you?

With a cast and crew numbering a staggering 120 members, the video stars veterans of film, TV and dance. Nadeem in his first music video appearance, along with Navid Shahzad and Nighat Choudry celebrate the human spirit’s capacity to face all odds.

Post Production detailing is rendered by Hassaan Ashraf with the assistance of Farhad and Navid Shahzad stepping in as Line Producer.

Audio Credits:


Vocals & Drums: Farhad Humayun
Keyboards: Sheraz Siddiq
Dhol: Nasir Sain

Session Artists:

Dhol: Kaala Sain
Bass: Farhan Ali of Symt
Guitars: Ahmed Waqar & Umair Nadeem
Clarinet: Ustad Jaffer Hussain
Trumpet: Ahmed Ali
Euphonium: Pervaiz Khan
Brass: Punjab Brass Band (10 persons)

Lyrics by Tahir Shaheer

Music Composition by Sheraz Siddiq

Audio Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Faisal Baig, Sheraz Siddiq & Farhad Humayun at Riot Studios, Lahore, Pakistan

Video Credits:

Main Cast & Crew:

Raftsman: Farhad Humayun
Raftsman: Sheraz Siddiq
Sage: Nadeem
Earth: Navid Shahzad
Giant: Babu Saab (Works at PC as door man)
Feudal Lord: Nasir Sain
Arm Wrestlers: Waqas & Maju
Dhamaalis: Mundar Sain & Nasir Pathan
Fighting Girls: Zainab Ahmed & more
Twins: Lyla & Natalia Bokhari
Brother: Hyder Ali Bokhari
Christian Family: Raheel Joseph, Deeba, Arooj
Clarinet: Ustad Jaffer
Euphonium: Pervaiz Khan
Trumpet: Ahmed Ali

D.P (Director of Photography): Sabeeh Khan

Produced & Directed by Farhad Humayun

Post Production & Editing by Hassaan Ashraf

Art Direction: Farhad Humayun

Editor & Line Producer: Navid Shahzad


Bay nishaan
Bay rung soona aasmaan
Jalti zameen
Saai bhi gum gai kahin

Khwaabon ki namnaak see yeh kirchian
Aankhain bujhee
Saansain honay lageen dheemi

Awaz kyun dab see gai
Aahon may kyun khamooshian
Keh to sahi tu Ankahi
Azaad hai
Teri zubaan
Teri zubaan

Baant dee tukron may kyun yeh zindagi
Deewarain hain,
Oonchi, mehdood see sochain
Loge kyun behtay jazeeron par kharay
Daawa karain
Saee zameen pairon talay unkay


Sun nay ka bhi kar hosla
Jee lenay de sab ko yehaan
Mil jaai gee sachi khushi
Baantay ga aasanian

Awaz kyun dab see gai
Aahon may kyun khamoshian
Mauj e hawaa khul ke zaraa
Khushboo lutaa

All music, lyrics & visual content is the property of Overload – Copyright Overload 2012