Adil Omar Reveal ‘The Mushroom Cloud Effect’ Artwork + Tracklist

The Mushroom Cloud Effect‘ is the awaited upcoming debut album from Pakistani rapper and singer-songwriter Adil Omar due to be released this year in 2012. Adil Omar who was initially discovered via Myspace by Cypress Hill’s B-Real in 2008 has since been featured on various releases and slowly generating buzz and momentum internationally. ‘The Mushroom Cloud Effect’ has already spawned two singles, “Off The Handle” which came out last year, and the widely covered “Paki Rambo” which has been featured on BBC, The New York Times, The Huffington Post and many other news outlets. ‘The Mushroom Cloud Effect’ features Adil Omar’s own brand of experimental rock, electronic and industrial inspired rap music as well as hard hitting hip-hop tracks with production from DJ SOLO and G Rocka from Soul Assassins, DJ Lethal, Fredwreck, Apathy, electronic artist Talal Qureshi and more, with guest spots such as B-Real, Xzibit, Everlast, Meesha Shafi, Kool G Rap and Sick Jacken. Below is the official track list. A label and release date announcement will follow soon with an album sampler in the coming weeks.

Track list:

01. The Mushroom Cloud Effect
[produced by Charlie Patierno]

02. 50 Feet Tall (ft. Hard Target)
[produced by Rubee Jawbotik]

03. Paki Rambo
[produced by DJ SOLO]

04. Go Outside
[produced by Apathy]

05. Broken Man
[produced by KFied]

06. Runaway With You (ft. Mina Fedora)
[produced by KFied]

07. One by One (ft. B-Real of Cypress Hill, Sick Jacken, Young De)
[produced by Traumah and G Rocka]

08. Star Power
[produced by Talal Qureshi]

09. Off The Handle (ft. Xzibit)
[produced by Fredwreck]

10. Sugar Low (ft. Meesha Shafi)
[produced by KFied and Talal Qureshi]

11. Carry Me Home
[produced by DJ Lethal]

12. Heart of Darkness
[produced by DJ Lethal]

13. Summertime (ft. Kool G Rap, Gravity, Greydon Square)
[produced by Traumah and G Rocka]

14. Hand Over Your Guns (ft. Everlast)
[produced by KFied and Rubee Jawbotik]

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