Sajid & Zeeshan – Everything Changes (Out of My Way) (Listen)

January 14, 2012

Artist: Sajid & Zeeshan

Song: Everything Changes a.k.a “Out of my way”

The 8th single from the Harvest and with this single the album reaches its middle.

Take a listen to the song below:



You know I had a dream,
I wanted to make it,
I had no reasons why I couldn’t sleep at night,

You know I had passion,
I could taste it,
I had the sunshine in my mornings very bright

But hey everything changes
and hey now I’ve grown away

There was something in my mind,
Kept bothering me the whole time,
Never asked me why,
Is that why I could go?

But hey everything
and hey now I’ve grown away

Could I feel that, that itch on my face ?
The question is, could you feel my blood running in your veins?

So I could feel numb,
And not this itch on my grace,
But I still need somebody,
To get me out of my way

Out of my way
Out of my way

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