Sketches – “Dastkari” (KM Album Review)

March 6, 2010

By Hasan Faridi

It was the year 2003 when Saif and Naeem decided to step into the world of music to create a band which would touch hearts and rock the nation. The band Sketches was born. Later the band gave birth to their album Dastkari, delivering soft touches of lyrics and meaningful concepts, through a lot of Sufism. But being a touching and poetic art form, it basically adds to the album’s music.

The album’s cover is definitely an improvement compared to many Pakistani CD covers, so hats off to that.

Dastkari starts off with “Kaanton Ke Dewarain”, a soulful touchy song with the combination of vocals by Saif that reminiscence in your brain, and distorted riffs added by Naeem. Some parts make the song sound alien, including the skilled solo, but basically because this song is out of this world.

Imagine meditating in the highest valley in the Middle East, as the wind brushes your ears and no problem troubles you, except the loss of focus towards spirituality. As Saif states on the album inlay, music helps one to attain the higher spiritual self; the track “Maujood” certainly delivers it.

“Justajoo”, “Subha” and “Kabhi” are both slow-tempo tracks, but will not fail to touch the heart. Slow-paced, but powerful, Saif and Naeem mixed their emotions into these musical concoctions.

Both songs having videos, “Dastkari” and “Bhool Chukay” are certainly Sketches best pieces of work. Saif’s lyrics shine throughout the song, and Naeem wasn’t given a guitar for the fun of it. Both artists put in raw emotion and talent into the songs. Both songs being rather emotional but nevertheless outstanding, it’s like taking candy from a baby, but the baby doesn’t cry.

Like the band Yorish with their song “Hik Insaan”, Sketches track (Spelt “Ek Insaan”) beats the version vocally and musically. Who came up with the song first is not even up for debate, let’s enjoy the power of Sketches. Naeem’s guitar solo melts faces, and proves the band can rock aswell. It is no competition that this song is the heaviest track off the album.

“Doobti Aankain” and “Tanhaiyon Mein” are two of the most powerful songs in the album. Saif’s soulful vocals are combined with distorted riffs and solos from Naeem. Combined, Sketches make a prominent musical force, using a mixture of music to suit everyone’s ears, and hearts.

If you ever wish to go to Texas and show off some Pakistani spirit, make sure you have “Haq Mojood” playing on the stereo. Naeem’s distorted guitar riffs have a Texan flavor. Vocals by Saif add the Middle Eastern flavor into the track, beholding a feeling of tolerance and love between every nation.

The album finishes with a slow-tempo soulful track called “Raat”. This one has something that other tracks don’t seem to have, the flute played by Sajid Ali, which basically ends the album off on a high. Sweet dreams.

Dastkari is a perfect example of the power of touchy lyrics and great musical composition, all blended into a compact CD to reminiscence in the minds of listeners. If you love Soft Rock/Rock with a blend of Sufi music, Dastkari is perfect to satisfy your soul.