Saturn The Band – Bio and Review

March 12, 2010

Saturn was born when two brothers Salman and Shahbaz started jamming along with their friend Hasham in 2004. Salman created a riff to show Hasham what kind of music he was looking to make. Hasham carrying his influences forward changed the riff and gave it the shape to create the debut track “Raakh”.

The first single “Raakh” was produced by Sarmad Ghafoor and recorded at S&M Studios in Islamabad. Zeeshan Parwez directed the video. This debut track stormed Islamabad’s music scene, later conquering the ears of the die-hard metal-heads of Pakistan. Starting with the Pakistani National Anthem, it can make eager head-bangers either turn off or laugh, until it suddenly cuts off… The fun begins. Distorted guitar riffs and drum blasts show that Saturn are indeed one of a kind. The keyboard and guitar solos blend perfectly and capture the deep emotion within. The real standout is Shahbaz’ vocals. The word “Raakh” couldn’t be said any more times either.

Kuch Nahi” is a Godsend; utter brilliance is what defines it. Starting off with eerie sound effects as a starter, the track then serves the main course. This addition to our brainwaves is packed with bone-crunching riffs, deep lyrics and a face-melting solo. The throbbing pulsate of drums gives this track a real cutting edge. This second single proves that Pakistan is not new to Metal and can rock like the rest.

The band has also covered the likes of Slayer and System Of A Down with songs such as “Raining Blood”, “Bloodline” and “Toxicity”. Gaining a great crowd response through live performances has proved that the band is capable of much more than we can imagine.

Saturn is definitely one of the most talented Rock/Metal acts in Pakistan. Their music is appreciated not only within the country, but also outside the country. 2 official tracks are not enough to keep us occupied however, we want more material to give us severe whiplash.