Studio 051 to Release Islamabad Rockumentary

February 19, 2010

Starring: Arieb Azhar, Osama Com Laude, Haroon Rashid, Basit Subhani, Umar Jamshed, Farhan Khan, Waleed, Abbas Ali Khan, Rapsteradoz, Zuj Jibran, Gul, Dr. Raza, Ali Tareen, Baber Xia Khan, Sami Lagan, Shehryar Kureshi from Fringe Benfits, Masooma and Jimmy Attre.

Rockumentary is the upcoming documentary on the premiere recording and production studio, Studio 051. The 20 Min documentary would feature 20 artists from the mainstream and underground of Islamabad with their interviews and amazing performances on songs never heard before.

The Documentary would also give an insight to the viewers on the equipment and the recording facilities at Studio 051.

This teaser also include music videos featuring all the fun the artists had during the shoot of the documentary.