Living on the Edge MUST be banned

February 19, 2010

I have always been a fan of the dare show “Living on the Edge” since the times when it was just a street show. As the show grew and reached the masses the pattern changed massively and Waqar Zaka (Host/Concept writer) went on Pakistan tour to find the most daring person of Pakistan.

During the last season, there were a few acts which turned out to be shameful instead of daring and the show went off for a while. Waqar Zaka made his apologies on ARY Musik and we thought may be those acts won’t repeat in future.

However, the acts didn’t only repeat but were made core part of the 2010 season of the show. We kept adding the episodes for our readers/viewers since a lot of them enjoyed watching it (including me) but after each episode the scenario worsened and there was something to object about in each coming episode.

It started off when one of the female contestants accepted that she’s a druggie, while another “dared” to make close physical contacts with Waqar yet both of them made it to the finals.

Later in the show the “patriotic” host arranged sheeshas and dance parties for the contestants. Shocked by seeing the 6th episode of the show, which didn’t have ANYTHING but scandalous stories, fights and abuses, I feel that the dare show has turned into cheap entertainment and must be banned.

I request the authorities to have a look at the show and appreciate that ProPakistani has also mentioned and pointed it out to PEMRA.