EP Better Than Ever?

February 24, 2010

by Hasan Faridi

It has been approximately 3 years since the disband of the influential Pakistani rock band EP (Short for Entity Paradigm). For Pakistan, this breakup was big.

Who can forget EP’s album Irtiqa released in 2003? From the abstract cover to the musical melodies, Irtiqa was an extraordinary concept. Filled with progressive and heavy metal influences, this beast of an album made a stand. Suiting everyone’s individual taste, Irtiqa contained the likes of all the hits, some later being made into music videos.

“Hamein Aazma” and “Kahan Hai Tu” were the heaviest tracks in the album, packed with heavy guitar riffs and catchy vocals. These 2 songs were Ahmed Ali Butt’s chance to shine, through rapping. Similar to the style of Linkin Park, Ahmed surely put raw emotion and talent into it, but whether the lyrics made sense was a question. With bone crunching distorted riffs, it blended perfectly, and was definitely something new into the scene. Ahmed also rapped in “Waqt”, but the soulful lyrics and pure rock music captured more attention. With hard pulsating beats by 2 drummers (1 is rather needed), catchy choruses and rapping from Ahmed Ali Butt, “Hamesha” also delivered a unique sound. “Rahguzar”, “Fitrat” and “Barzakh” were dark rocking tracks, made to perfection. These catchy songs complete with distortion and powerful vocals, sent shivers down the spine. The single “Aghosh” was certainly one of the best in the album, consisting of hard-hitting melodic music, a dark ambience and a striking guitar solo to knock you off your feet. The talented voice of Xulfi finished the job.

EP were then slowly forgotten, as they later disbanded in 2007. Rockers were left to buy earplugs, to drown the sound from the usual mainstream music.

Earlier this month, we reported about the rumors of EP’s inclusion in the season 3 of the Coke Studio. Recently, vocalist Fawad Afzal Khan tweeted “Get ready… Something big is coming up soon! Until then please keep waiting”. This message was then followed up by “Okay… This news is only for my Tweeps. I won’t post this on FB until later… But EP will be featuring in the 3rd season of Coke Studios!” The influential Coke Studio will now feature EP to the delight of hundreds or even thousands of fans, but without the once lead guitarist Xulfi, who is now continuing with his own career.

EP will be back to alter the airwaves, break barriers and throw the mainstream out of the window once again. Another album will be expected from the returning band, adding another piece into the fan collection. But will they top the musical success they achieved 3 years back? The band still has an eager fan-base, as proven by the support on Twitter and Facebook. As times change however, competition and people’s attitudes towards music change, so the future is uncertain. One thing is for certain however, EP are back, with a planned upcoming debut single “Shor Macha” and upcoming performances which will keep fans busy for a long time. Let’s hope EP sticks together, and continues succeeding this time. The crowd is restless, and we want EP.