Bhatts Have Terrorist Links, “Why Do They Call Pakistani Singers” – Abhijeet

December 4, 2009

'Chay' Abhijeet

'Chay' Abhijeet

While there is a complete lot of  talented, creative and respectful artists at India, there are also a few who can make pointless stories in the air, to ruin the image of fellow musicians and artists, just because they aren’t as much talented or don’t get as much opportunities as others and in the long run they only get to suffer by not getting any shows at all.

Abhijeet Bhattacharya being one of them, at one point believes that since bhatt’s are calling Pakistani singers to India, they have terrorist links.

Abhijeet says in Times of India

Years ago, I had protested about Mahesh Bhatt and his soft corner for Pakistan. But nobody took notice. And see what’s happening now…Why do they call Pakistani singers and actors to work in India when we have so much talent here? Both the brothers, Mahesh and Mukesh themselves travel to Delhi and personally get the visas of Pakistani artists made.

While at another, he thinks since Pakistani musicians are beysuray and untalented, they top Indian industry charts. He says

You get besura singers from Pakistan to sing your songs when our country is bursting at its seams with talent… And the irony is that it’s hardly been a year since 26/11 and already songs of two Pakistani singers, Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, are topping the Indian music charts.

I don’t understand the logic when he first declares them untalented and then immediately states that they are the Indian chart toppers while he is not.

Abhijeet has already lost a lot of work, for playing childish in the industry and making rude comments on fellow artists, but he continues to inject hatred in the industry. He clearly thinks music isn’t about creativity but it’s about nations and religions.