StarBytes: Ali Hamza founded the Music Society of LUMS, Shahram Azhar studied there and tomorrow… they will play there!

May 9, 2009

We do need an education!
Ali Hamza founded the Music Society of LUMS, Shahram Azhar studied there and tomorrow… they will play there!

The Lahore University of Management Sciences is going great guns in more ways than one. Apart from garnering a a reputation as one of the finest institutions in the country, they also have a great interest in culture. Known to be an institution that churns out corporate types, they look all set to put that stereotype to rest as the Music Society of LUMS get’s set to celebrate its tenth anniversary today.

According to a press release, the festivities will include a Music Conference followed by the inauguration of the renovated Music Room. The highlight will be a concert featuring Noori, Entity Paradigm, Laal and Aunty Disco Project tomorrow. The Music Society of LUMS has produced several music star such as Amir Alvi (Munchkins), Salar Farooqi (Sahil), Shahram Azhar and Taimur Rehman (Laal) and Omar Khalid (Aunty Disco Project). Taimur Rahman has also taught at LUMS.

Trivia that we didn’t know was that Ali Hamza of Noori was the founder of the society and he can definitely look at that as a major achievement. Not only is The Music Society one of the biggest societies in LUMS, it is also the only student club in Pakistan which has a professional recording studio that is equipped with the latest gadgetry and is maintained by students themselves.

The history of this society will be looked at via documentary on The Music Society and its progression over the years.

Sponsored by Zong, this event is set to be the most prolific event of LUMS and will be attended by students, alumni and music industry icons. Colleges are an important base for music anywhere and it is heartening to see that an educational institution values music over and above holding the token concert as most educational institutions do.

Some time ago, Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood of Strings had spoken about the importance of galvanizing the student base towards music as both audience and performers. “Hold a concert at every college, and you will have a concert circuit,” they told Instep. They were speaking from their India experience.

The Music Society of LUMS is one example of the dynamism colleges can lend to music. We wish them a happy anniversary and a rocking show!

Source: The News, Instep Today